A Concrete Cover is a distance between the surface of the reinforcement closest to the nearest concrete surface [including links and stirrups and surface reinforcement where relevant] and the nearest concrete surface.


                             Nominal concrete cover, Cnom nom: concrete cover specified on drawings.

i.e. Cnom = Cmin + ΔCdev

where Cmin is minimum cover in mm.

                                                                      ΔCdev is an allowance for deviation.


                  Sample example on how to compute concrete cover according to Eurocode 2:


                Exposure class = XC3, and maximum bar diameter = 20 mm

                Concrete grade C40/50

                Member is not similar to a slab geometry.


 Finally, the calculated nominal concrete cover is 30mm.

 use the download link to access this simple spreadsheet to automate the concrete cover calculation.

 Concrete Cover according to EN 1992